Yeah, but what did it look like BEFORE?

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Sorry! I was so excited about how spiffy the place was looking that I forgot to post the "before" pics. So, if you really want to see how far we've come, click for the rest of the post and PREPARE TO BE AMAZED.**

**Amazed that I didn't run down the street screaming, never to return.

5yearson_lookback1.jpg 5yearsonlookback2.jpg 5yearsago.jpg 5yearsonlookback3.jpg

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The before pics actually make it look better than it really was. I was there - I remember!! You two deserve a medal for what you have accomplished. I no longer shed tears when I leave but rather celebrate that all of you have such a beautiful place to live.

I just found your blog via houseblogs, and holy cow! Impressive! The after pics are beautiful, especially when you see the before pics first (as I did).

Love the demo shot-- have lived through many rooms that stayed like that for way too long. Great progress!

Very nice work seeing the before and after pics.

A lot of heart sweat and tears went into this project Im sure.

I have a DIY blog being started if you like to check it out please feel free, maybe some of the articles I'm writing will give some inspiration to your projects.

Wow that place needed some loving

Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy.


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