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OK, after coming out of blogging hibernation with a teaser photo a few weeks back we'll go ahead and start sharing what we've been up to for the past nine months. It's a number of projects, so it will need to be broken up in to a few blog posts.

To start with, the dumpster we rented was for a weekend project - we tore the old siding off our enclosed porch. No reason to wait - here's the money shot:

backporch2.JPG backporch-shell.jpg

A few more photos and an explanation after the break...

First, here's a shot of the porch interior from way back before we bought the house (actually, that's our inspector there in the left).


The back porch is a project we've been wanting to get to ever since we moved it, but it wasn't the right time until now. Better late than never.

Over a four day weekend, we rented the dumpster and got out our crowbars and sledge hammers. My dad was nice enough to spend a long Saturday with us doing quite a bit of work shelling the interior.


Here's a bigger version of the 'after' shot of the shelled photo.


That was about five weeks back now. Since then we've been waiting for our friend TK (who also did our living room woodwork) to have free time to help us build the new porch.

We've got some drawings of the new plan that are pretty much finished. We'll post them in the next few days.

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How fun! Great shots- thanks for posting the photos. Will the new porch be enclosed as well?
I love the bright, red wheelbarrows.

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