My First DIY Project

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Well, a bit last minute but in the spirit of playing along with everyone else here is our entry in to the latest contest.

Our first DIY project for our house was one we didn't really plan on: cleaning it up.

For long time readers this isn't news, but if you haven't been following along since the beginning I'll explain.

When we first bought our house it was packed with stuff. Packed to the rafters. Crazy stuff, like this.

And we had to clean it all out. So, our first DIY project wasn't painting, or redoing a bathroom, or uncovering original oak floors, or anything like that. It was cleaning, and lots of it.

Why, you might wonder? Well, that was the stuff of several years worth of blog entries. If you're interested this entry is a good recap and jumping off point. Cleaning all that out became years worth of work and in fact it's technically not even's just all moved to the garage at this point. It was our first DIY project and it's possible that it will even be our last!

This post was written for as part of a sweepstakes sponsored by True Value.

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