ER Visit Soon?

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Someone didn't want to wait until Spring. Used with parental supervision only, because the swing detaches with carabiner clips.

Either we will become the awesomest parents ever or this will turn into a spectacularly bad idea.

I'm hoping for the former, obvs.

Cue: Sound of my mother's body hitting the floor in shock. Sorry mom.

Cross-posted at my other blog: Life in Progress. Because there are other things to write about now besides the house. Finally.

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If it makes you feel any better, we had a swing in our basement when I was growing up & you just brought back a FLOOD of good memories for me. Thank you! (And no trips to the ER for me because of that swing, lots of other reasons, yes, but that swing, no.)

Heck, we had a big eyehook in the middle of the family-room ceiling that we'd hang a red nylon hammock from (both ends tied together into an S-hook were hooked into the eyehook). It made a sort of sling swing, and in addition to the cool basket-chair aspect, it could be used as a 360-degree swing (move back the furniture!) or wound up tightly, then let go...whee!!! It was great for experimenting with centripetal force, too - stick out a leg to slow the spin, etc.

My sister and I survived somehow!

Sweet! We have a swing hanging in the middle of our dining room. Someday we will have to hang up the chandelier...but for now it's a hit!

My parents hung a swing in the basement for me as well. It worked very well and was lots of fun until I decided to drag the old crib mattress underneith it ( Do you see where this is going?) Mattress under swing = kid trying to jump off said swing onto mattress= missing mattress and a face plant into concrete. ( Yes, ER visit...just exploded the tip of my nose-it really is a wonder I survived my own childhood) Parental supervision is a must . I would suggest taking it down when you aren't there.

We had a swing in our basement growing up too! It must be a Midwestern thing. I have no idea how we made it work, because I swear our basement ceiling couldn't have been more than 5'6" high. But rest assured, no accidents. You're still a good mom.

I would like to start my own blog one day. This was a really nice blog that you made here. Keep up the success :P


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