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Wow.  I haven't used the word "boredom" for a looooooong time.  I believe that the last time I used it was before we bought this house, and it was certainly before Grace was born.  Therefore, after four days of an enjoyable stay-cation, after having finished scrubbing the basement floor on my hands and knees, and after having purged BOTH bathroom built-ins of expired over-the-counter medications, I was at a loss for how to entertain myself when Aaron offered to take Grace to an indoor playground.  Leaving me all alone.  Alone.  Alone without any work (that needed to be done indoors or could be done in weather colder than 43 degrees Fahrenheit.) 

What's a Type A girl to do?  I had already caught up on all of my episodes of Glee.

I pulled one of the boxes out from under the guest room bed and set it up next to the scanner.  The amount of ephemera still in this house is kind of overwhelming and I've been at a loss for what to do with most of it.  I've begun to scan it.  As much as I can.  We can't keep it all.  But I can't bring myself to just throw it away.

So, I'm formulating a plan.  A plan that may or may not work.  I'm noodling on it.  I'll clue you in shortly. 

In the meantime, if someone could find John Adams Refsinger for me?  I'd greatly appreciate it.  I found his birth announcement from 1942.  His birthday is coming up on February 1st and  I probably need to give it back.

Vintage Baby Announcement 1942

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Wow this is a nice ephemeral!

Just found your blog this morning. Very entertaining. I say that because we are nearing the end of a project house we began in 2001. This one began with a gutting and a removal of carpet, walls, and insulation to get rid of the various varieties of animal urine....short answer: We feel your pain. As you are experiencing, it is a labor of love as we have redone every space in the house and have only the master bath,some finish work (bookshelves, built-ins, etc.) the back porch and some fencing to complete. Like a bad horror movie, however, the finish line began to recede when Sher came up with the idea to build a "new house" for my dad who lives with us. About 600 square feet and attached to the back of the garage, it is like adding insult to injury sometimes. For instance, last Saturday was an interior framing never broke the top of 19 degrees all day. Brrrrrr. But we will get this done and so will you. And when you are done, you will have a gem that folks who live in "McMansions" will love to visit because it will feel so much like "Home" rather than a temporary stopping place. So don't give up on your dream and realize that when the project stretches out to about 6 years, you will find yourself redoing some spaces you have already done because you are so much better and your plan has evolved. Believe it or not, that only makes it better. We have a cartoon on our refrigerator that shows a guy being proded by an imp to select one of two doors to Hell. One door says "Eternal Burning Mud" above it and the other says, "Living In A House While Remodeling It." I'm sure you get that, but keep your chins up and keep on sawing and hammering! Good Luck!

I agree with your thoughts here and I really love your blog! I've bookmarked it so that I can come back & read more in the future.


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