What do these things have in common?

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A set of lovely painted scrolls from Balinese painter, Ida Bagus Rai?


A Megillah Esther?


A tourist's pennant from Rio?


...And an ancient plastic Dominick's bag?

What they have in common is our closet at the HouseinProgress. Of course.

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Wow... it's amazing what you find... We took out a counter once and found some pants. It seems that they used them to fill a crack so that they could put up the thin-set to install the back splash....

Hello, Hello, HIP!!?? Are you still there? Still anxiously waiting for updates to your sunroom and basement. Hope all is well.

Regular follower, first time comment: Really love your blog and seeing what you've accomplished. Please, please throw your worldwide audience a bone and let us know what you've been up to. We miss you more than you know!

Hello..i find the painting really nice..i was hoping i can also make as good as it is because i also like painting.


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