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North Park Neighborhood: The Sweden Shop

I often write about our neighborhood up here on the northwest side of Chicago, North Park. The space we live in isn't only about the house, it's about our neighborhood and city, too.  And we really enjoy North Park.There is...

Three Years (and 11 Days) of Progress

Believe it  or not, it's now been three years since we closed on the house.  In fact, it's eleven days past the exact anniversary--whoops!  I guess time flies when you're having fun so much going on.No, actually it really has...

The Curse of the Black Thumb

Dear Diary, I kill plants.I don't mean to kill them.  You might say that I respect their independence a little too much.  And, due to my black thumb, I have sent many a plant to an early grave....

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Built-In Ceiling Shelves

Matching entries from House in Progress Diary

Nursery in Progress

So, with Grace surprising us with her early arrival, we weren't completely prepared.  In particular, we hadn't quite gotten to that whole "nursery" thing...Admittedly, Grace won't be spending a whole lot of time in a nursery for awhile but there's something...

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Nursery Room Rocking Chair

Matching entries from House in Progress Diary

New Year, Same Pain in the Neck

Well, it's 2006.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really thrilled.  It's just that I've got the same muscle pull in my neck that I had last year--three days ago, that is.  The reason is that I was crawling around in...

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Kid-Safe Electrical Outlet Covers

It's high-end, but the Safe-Plate childproof outlet cover is a nicely engineered solution that might merit a place in one or two rooms of your house....

Matching entries from House in Progress Diary

So, How's the Nursery Coming Along?

OK, Thanksgiving has officially come and gone--the holiday onslaught begins.  And in our household, that means another thing...the baby is coming!  Only two months to go, in fact.  Hard to believe.  Equally hard to believe that we're ready for all...

Second Floor Punchlist

For every construction job, after "occupancy" occurs, there are always things that need to be finished. Thus, the final "punchlist." Our own project is no exception...we still have things to finish upstairs even after we've moved in. The difference here...

Nursery? OK!

OK, so now that the cat's out of the bag, we've added a new progress tracker to our home page--the nursery. :-) We'd designed the second bedroom upstairs to be pretty flexible, so instead of an office it's going to...

Matching entries from Idea Guide

Temporary Kitchen Floor?

Matching entries from House in Progress Diary

Children's Book Illustrators

If you're a regular reader, you already know that I am fascinated with books. I don't just like them. I don't just read them. I CONSUME THEM. Because my memory is very poor, I can read them more than once...

Plans for the Second Floor

This weekend we're getting a real start in on the second floor. We've gotten a few things started before (like this and this) but our real focus on getting the whole floor done starts today. So, it makes some sense...

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Hedi Schoop Vintage Horse Planter

Matching entries from House in Progress Diary

What is all of the fuss about?

I have to admit. Flying home on Chautauqua Airlines, I slipped the Safety Card out of the "seat pocket in front of me" and studied it closely. All apologies to those who collect them, I still can't see the excitement....

The things that lurk in the basement

Just some more things from the basement. In no particular order. Fire King Fruit & German Christmas china... Adopted = Adopted...

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