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House in Progress Diary

What do these things have in common? (05-03-10)
Basement (Still) in Progress (04-24-10)
Florian Kräutli » Magnetic Curtain (03-01-10)
Um, gee, 20th Century Fox, thanks? (01-19-10)
Basement (01-13-10)
(Very!) Fine Remodeling (01-04-10)
Dessert as a Metaphor for Life (01-02-10)
Ephemera Project (01-02-10)
I LOVE a Good Mystery, Especially When It Gets SOLVED (01-02-10)
Welcome to our neighborhood :) (01-01-10)

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Idea Guide

Loft-Style Basement Inspiration (12-29-09)
Outdoor Craftsman Wall Sconce (10-21-09)
Better Kids' Beds (08-26-08)
Color (05-14-08)
Garden Dreaming (03-24-08)
Inspiration: Ross Chapin Architects and Clever Design (03-22-08)
Basement Flooring Solutions (01-16-08)
Living Room Lighting Scheme? (11-13-07)
Frank Lloyd Wright Stencils (10-03-07)
Garage: Curtain Fabric (09-26-07)

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EZ Clean Paint Brush (11-09-07)
DesignMyRoom Launches - Congrats to Swatchbox (08-31-07)
Apartment Space & Life Therapy (03-12-07)
IKEA Hacker (03-01-07)
Google SketchUp - An Amazing Home Improvement Tool (01-03-07)
My favorite bald guy (07-26-06)
Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival (07-20-06)
Oxo Tools and Gardening Implements, How I Love Thee (05-22-06)
Five Fun Gardening Blogs and a Lotta Links (05-19-06)
Out Damn Spot! Getting Rid of Old House Stains (03-19-06)

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The Estate Sale

Nodder Band for Easter! (12-02-04)
1955 Forest Trees of Illinois from Dept of Cons (10-26-04)
Pillsbury Bake-Off Cookbook Collection (05-02-04)
Russell Wright "style" Bun Warmer (03-29-04)
Chevalier de la Nuit by Ciro Perfume in Box (03-02-04)
1930's Richard Hudnut Vintage Compact (12-13-03)
Uncle Mistletoe, Rare Cookie Jar (12-03-03)
Hedi Schoop Vintage Horse Planter (11-26-03)
Avon Couterines Lipstick Doll (11-18-03)
Art Deco Langlois Rouge Compact (11-17-03)

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